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Yoga with a Partner - Practice of Connection & Collaboration

  • Edge Fitness 1502 N. Ainsworth Portland, Or 97217 USA (map)

Yoga with a Partner... where both people come together to create each pose.

The Sanskrit word "yoga" is often translated as union or to join together, and embodies a compelling energy of connection. A "partner" is thought to be someone that is united or associated with another in an activity or sphere of common interest.

In this workshop you'll experience the benefits of forming a union on the mat. Natural skills such as trust, communication and cooperation are deepened and enhanced. It is an ideal way to share time with a sibling, friend, neighbor or lover.

One experienced practitioner and one new-comer to yoga? Perfect!
Both experienced practitioners? Excellent! Both new to yoga? Ideal!

The key is to let each person's strengths and flexibilities generate unique poses.
Bring a partner and a willingness to laugh and play! $25 - per pair