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Winter Solstice ~ Yoga Mala

  • Edge Fitness 1502 N. Ainsworth Portland, OR USA (map)

$15 for the Solstice Mala.

Aligning with the season and the beginning of the Longest Night of the Year, the Yoga Mala will begin at 4:30pm with the setting of the Sun. The Mala is a moving meditation of 108 A-series Surya Namaskar. Surya Namaskar (pronounced SOOR-yah nah-mahs-KAHr) is one of the best-known sequences of Hatha yoga. In Sanskrit, surya means, “sun”, namas is “to adore” and namaskar is a “greeting”. Known in English as the Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar celebrates the Sun by means of vitality and grace. The Mala can be practiced on varying levels of awareness, ranging from that of purely physical to complete sadhana, "spiritual practice". A luxurious Savasana and the Gayatri Mantra conclude the experience as you bathe in the radiance and beauty of the Mala. 

As I  guide you through the flow of the Mala, guest yogini/teacher Alison Wesley will be drumming and chanting the biij mantras (seed sounds). 

All levels welcome! Light refreshments will be shared as you bask  & enjoy your inner Sun.

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